Daily Topic for July 19, 2009

James 1:17
"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."

Christ offers the Bugals and other peoples of Mongolia the chance to obtain all “good and perfect” gifts, when they go to the Father. He is not fickle like the spirits, but unchanging.

Pray that the Bugal people will seek and find the good and perfect gift of faith to believe in the Father.

Bogol People

The Bogol people have long been freed from physical slavery, but they are still enslaved to 24 gods! The Bogols have a complex collection of gods which they believe must be placated in order to live prosperously. These spirits are represented by colored paintings and wooden statues that can reach heights of 38 feet. These gods have two assistants, Keyideng and Maluo, represented by human-like figures of gold foil.

The Bogols are a nearly forgotten people. As of 2003, only 1000 of them lived in a small village in the northeastern part of Inner Mongolia. Not a single believer lives among them. Few have even heard about Jesus Christ.

The Bogols are descended from two distinct groups; the Bardachi people and the prisoners of war brought in by the Daur army during the Taiping Rebellion. The Qing dynasty, wanting to punish the rebels, decreed that the Bardachis should be slaves from generation to generation forever. The Bogols do not interact with the Daurs very often, since the Bogols are either former prisoners of war or former slaves of the Daur.

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Pray that the spirits they now worship will be discredited in their eyes. Pray that believers would be willing to contact the Bogols and share the good news of Jesus, thus setting them free from spiritual slavery. Pray that the Bogol people will make room in their hearts for Jesus, the only One worthy of their praise.-CH

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