Daily Topic for July 15, 2009

II Tim. 3:12
"In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted..."

Those who truly follow Christ stand out in any crowd. That is especially true in places like Mongolia where the gospel has not been lived out by anyone for centuries. As a rule, people ridicule and even violently persecute those who rise above the base norm, because it sheds light on their own sins.

Pray that as persecution comes to the Church in Mongolia, that believers will stand their ground, and follow Him even to death.

Tuva People of Russia, China and Mongolia

God is ecumenical. He has over the past few years used a Russian Orthodox icon in a railroad car, a Pentecostal pastor, a wealthy Baptist music teacher, and the Hebrew book of Jonah to begin to reach the Tuva peoples of the Russian, Mongolian and Chinese Eurasian steppes. Most Tuvas (also Tuvinian, Tuvin, Tannu-Tuva, etc.) are either Tibetan Buddhists or shamanistic animists. About 100 are Christian, and about a third claim no religion. Of these faiths, Buddhism is growing fastest.

Some Tuva people read Russian or Mongolian or their own Turkic-based language. A fair number of them are bilingual in Russian, Mongolian, or Mandarin Chinese. So far, however, outside of the Russian Bible, only a few Old Testament books and a children’s Bible are available in the Tuva language. Efforts by a Russian Tuva university student to translate the Bible into her language may be underway.

Unlike many people in Mongolia, the Tuva people live in log cabins, not gers. Some live in towns. The Tuvas are known for a special style of singing called khomeii. It sounds like one person singing with two voices! In addition to music, they also love epic poetry.

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Pray for God to speed the day when the Tuva people will have the Scriptures in their own language. Pray for Tuvan believers to witness to their own people, for Christian radio and television in their language, and for the Tuva people to know the epic love of God for them and to come to sing His praises with one united voice.-TP

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