Daily Topic for July 13, 2009

I Tim. 6:10a
"For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil."

This verse reminds of how vulnerable we are when it comes to money. Though money is an important tool for ministry, when it is misused, it can cause jealousies and strife to enter the church. If Westerners use their funds to help some local pastors, other pastors may become jealous and resentful. The congregation may not learn to support their own church if they learn that they can depend on outside money. Local nonbelievers mistakenly view the money as a means to control local believers.

Pray that missionaries in the relatively new mission fields of Mongolia will allow the emerging churches to grow in a healthy way.

Durbet People of Mongolia

Kushi’s parents named her “Living Happily” 22 years ago at her birth because the astrologer said that would be her fate. Now as she and her family prepared for her wedding, Kushi prayed to the sacred stones that she would indeed be happy in this new life as wife to the head shaman.

Kushi saw her father place a velvet hat on his shaved head. A single remaining round of hair formed a braid at the back of his neck and peeked beneath the treasured cap. The morning of heavy drinking caused him to sway. She saw her mother struggling into her traditional garb, because she was crippled with the pain of infection caused by multiple abortions, the traditional form of birth control. Would this be her fate in a few years? Kushi worried that her bridegroom would divorce and abandon her as so many husbands did these days when they tired of their brides.

The 80,000 Durbet people of western Mongolia live in dire physical and spiritual need. Lack of water, hygiene, and nutrition beset their bodies while alcoholism and despair damage their souls.

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Ask the Lord of the Harvest to send medical missionaries to tend to their physical and spiritual needs. Pray that the Durbets will learn that Jesus is the Bridegroom who loves, protects, saves, and never abandons. Pray that the spiritual vacuum of their lives will be filled with the healing peace and deep joy of a personal relationship with the One who loves them.-PE

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