Daily Topic for July 12, 2009

I Tim. 2:8
"I want men everywhere to life up holy hands in prayer, without anger or disputing."

The Church in Mongolia was in its infancy when sharp disputes broke out between different missionaries in regards to what they should call God in the Mongolian Bible. But through it all, the Mongolian Church survived, and it is now growing and flourishing. Perhaps the people involved in this dispute learned what the Moravians learned when they could not get along: the answer to disagreements is prayer. The Moravians began a 24/7 prayer watch that lasted over 100 years. As they began sending over 2,000 missionaries, their disputes seemed rather unimportant.

Pray for God’s hand to guide missionaries working in this still young mission field.

Khoton People

Did you know that teams of genetic scientists have studied Mongolia’s Khoton people exhaustively, and determined that they are probably of Turkish origin? Tucked in the majestic mountain valleys of northeastern Mongolia, the 5,000 Khotons are difficult to reach, yet scientists have made the trek and accomplished their mission.

The Khoton people live in stunning park-like surroundings with snow-fed crystal lakes and rushing rivers. Their homeland is the coldest part of Mongolia with temperatures reaching extremes of -70degrees F. to 104 degrees F. of blistering heat. Because of this the land where the Khoton people live has been selected for special study for climate change by the International Geo-Biosphere program.

Yet, in this remote place where scientists abound, not one Mission Organization has been committed to them and there are no known followers of Christ. Khoton shamans are famous throughout Mongolia. A dark spiritual shroud covers them in the guise of Islam and witchcraft.

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Pray that the spiritual bonds of darkness will be broken, hearts will be cultivated by the Holy Spirit to accept the good seed of the gospel of Christ and that the Almighty Lord God will call workers to carry the Word to the precious Khoton people. Pray that the lies of the evil one will shrivel in the light of the truth of Jesus. Pray that the veil will be removed from the eyes of the Khotons so that they can see, understand and accept salvation and spiritual freedom through the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ.-PE

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