Daily Topic for July 10, 2009

I Tim. 1:15
"Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came in to the world to save sinners of whom I am the worst."

Perhaps this verse explains why Paul grew so close to the Lord; he really understood his sinfulness and his need for a savior. Throughout the world there are people who excuse or try to hide their sins, and they spend their entire lives separated from God as a result. Now that there is a Church in Mongolia, the people of that land no longer have to live like that.

Pray that all peoples of Mongolia will soon understand that they are sinners, and that Jesus is the only one who can save them and offer a pardon.

Mongour People in Mongolia

Cai felt mildly worried about not being married; she was 16 and most of her friends already had husbands. Her friend Bao married two years ago at 14. But Cai did not worry much because an older friend Fang at 24 was now “married to the pole.” This is a Mongour custom, also practiced by the Tu people, that allows an unmarried girl to remain living with her parents. She can then sleep with any man she chooses. A baby that results from this coupling takes her family name and is raised by the entire village. Or she could be “married to the girdle.” This custom allows her to sleep with a guest in her home. When the man departs, he leaves his girdle behind. If a child comes, they know who the father is, but mother and baby still remain with her parents.

The Mongour people share a common history and many customs with the Tu people. But their languages have diverged so that they must use Mandarin Chinese to communicate.

What a difference it would make if Cai learns about the Bride of Christ! Would she embrace a Bridegroom who gave His life for his Bride? Would she learn to devote herself to this soon coming Husband?

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Pray that Chinese evangelists would reach the Mongour people. Pray that the Holy Spirit would prepare the way for the news of the Heavenly Bridegroom with gospel recordings and even dreams and visions.-EF

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