Daily Topic for July 07, 2009

Philippians 3:8
"...I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things."

How difficult it would be for someone in a poor country like Mongolia to say this! The human response to poverty is often to cling to whatever you can keep. In much of the world, including Mongolia, someone can also lose their family and friends when they follow Christ. In this verse, Paul is saying that, though he has lost everything, it doesn’t matter, because He has Christ!

Pray for thousands of Mongolian believers to think and act in the same way Paul did.

Alxa Mongols

Long beautiful eyelashes; glossy, rich coat hair; upright humps; jeweled nose pegs and sharp colorful outfits adorned with colored ropes and pompons. Those are what the judges look for at the “International Camel Festival” held in the Alxa region located in China’s Inner Mongolia. Almost 2,000 Mongolians attend this famous contest each year where 100 camels are entered by different tribes. The Alxa Mongolians feel that they have the finest camels in the area, and they often win the prize!

An estimated 200,000 two-humped Bactrian camels provide the main livelihood for the 21,000 Alxas living in the southwestern region of China’s Inner Mongolia. Milk from their camels is used for everything from cheese to ice cream. Maintaining their nomadic lives as camel herders has been encouraged through government subsidies. They are known for their creative folk songs telling long stories of their history, romance and families. They are the only Muslim Mongolian tribe in China; however their Islamic practices are very weak. Their isolated lives and lack of Christian materials have left them without a way to meet their Savior.

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Pray that God will send His servants who will have the endurance, patience and love to reach the Alxa Mongols. Pray that there will be available Christian radio programs and gospel tapes using their style of music.-PD

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