Daily Topic for July 02, 2009

Eph. 2:10
"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."

This verse tells us the true value of our deeds. We learned from yesterday’s verse that our deeds don’t save us. Today we are learning that we are created to do certain works that God has for us. Think of the history of the Mongolian people. Though 800 years ago they had the largest empire in world history, their legacy was largely that of death and destruction. In the 20th Century, they destroyed their own economy through Communism. It is certain that God has different deeds prepared for them in the 21st Century, if they would only obey Him!

Pray that this will be the century when the Mongolian peoples will seek and find God’s deeds for them as a nation.

Pray for Mongolians to Listen to the Gospel

(Continued from yesterday)

Even after getting married, because of the harshness of his work, James Gilmour often traveled alone or with caravans as he searched out the scattered Mongolians and told them the truths of the gospel. Dressed like an ordinary Chinese worker, he was welcomed by all.

Whenever James tried to present the gospel to the Mongolians, he ran into indifference. It wasn’t that they rejected Christ; they were satisfied with Buddhism. But once a Mongol really listened, he became aware of a much more serious consideration: “Is it possible,” a Mongol would ask, “for a false religion [Buddhism] to last so long, spread so far, and flourish so greatly that millions happily live and die in it?” And further, “If Christianity is true, why has it been so long in coming to us?” These Mongolian Buddhists had always believed that salvation depended on their own strength and good works. They had no concept of a God who could save them and atone for their sins.

Furthermore, to accept Christianity would mean financial and material ruin for them. So great was the power of the lamas (Buddhist priests), and so intense the spirit of the community, that any convert would be an outcast with no means of support.

God began to give Gilmour a harvest. In villages and towns, people came to him to be baptized. They demonstrated that they had given up their Buddhist idols and accepted Jesus as Savior.-AL

(Continued tomorrow)

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Pray for God to open Mongolian ears today to hear that Jesus is the Truth.

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