Daily Topic for July 01, 2009

Eph. 2:8b, 9a
"...it is the gift of God-not by works, so that no one can boast."

This is very hard for anyone to get their mind around, even if they aren’t Buddhist like the Mongolians. In Buddhist thinking, the law of karma forces you to pay for all your bad deeds, and it also determines your fate in the next life. But through Christ, God is the one who determines our future, so our works are nothing to boast about. He gives us a clean bill of spiritual health! What sinner would not accept these terms?

Pray that Buddhists in Mongolia and China will put their faith in the One who determines their destiny by their relationship with the Son, not by works.

Missionaries From Christian Families

James Gilmour was born in 1843 on a farm about five miles from Glasgow, Scotland. His parents were believers, and as a family they walked those five miles to Glasgow each Sunday to church, even in the bitter cold winter months when they had to carry a lantern to light the way home after dark.

James’ parents were wealthy, and provided their children with everything they needed, including a good education. While a young man he attended Glasgow University and studied Greek and Latin. He had a marvelous sense of humor and a boisterous laugh. But he also had a serious side. He wrote in his diary: “Is God’s kingdom a harvest field? Then I think it is most reasonable that I should go and work where the field is largest and the workers fewest.” Later he wrote, “To me the soul of an Indian seems as precious as the soul of an Englishman, and the gospel as much for the Chinese as the Europeans.”

When James was 27, he sailed for China as a single man. He strongly felt that he should go on to Mongolia. He had two advantages: the Bible had already been translated into Mongolian; and, secondly, though not a doctor, he had enough skill to minister to physical needs, thus showing the people his love for them.

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Pray for God to raise up children in godly homes to do all they can to see the gospel reach the least reached parts of the globe.-AL

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