Daily Topic for June 25, 2009

II Cor. 5:17
"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!"

This is another verse that is hard for people to accept, but it’s true. We are a new creation after we embrace the Lord! The atoning blood of Christ has washed away our sins, the old ways give way to the new, and we are given new life, life eternal! This is the message we bring to the unreached nations. How can they resist?

Pray that the Kham Tibetans will embrace the chance to become a new creation in Christ when they hear this exciting message.

Kham Tibetans

What do you get when you cross a forest monkey with a demoness? Some Tibetans believe the answer is the Kham people. Perhaps mirroring this rather disconcerting origin myth, the Kham (pronounced “kum”) of the Tibetan Autonomous Region, engage in polyandry. It is not only acceptable but common for women to have multiple husbands who visit at various times.

The Khams are one of two main subgroups that comprise what we refer to as Tibetans. Their homeland is one of the most isolated corners in the world. The high-altitude Tibetan plateau rises from the Mekong River, bordered on the south by the famous Himalayan Mountains. This location, along with oppressive political forces and centuries of Buddhist practices, has allowed the enemy to keep the Kham Tibetans sequestered, well out of range of the gospel. It is no surprise that in Operation China, this tribe is called, “the epitome of an unreached group.”

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Pray for an opening of not only borders but hearts in this majestically beautiful but very difficult-to-reach territory of Tibet. Ask God to reveal to the Kham their true origin: a fearfully and wonderfully made people, hand-crafted by the Creator of the universe for the express purpose of worshipping and serving Him. Ask that the blinders will be taken from their eyes so that they can receive the good news of Jesus Christ and embrace His purposes.-CL

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