Daily Topic for June 24, 2009

II Cor. 5:7
"We live by faith, not by sight."

This is one of the hardest things for people to accept. Communists in Southeast Asia may think that Christians are just turning off their brains and accepting what the Bible says. What people forget is that everyone must take some things by faith. In the same way a scientist believes radio waves exist though they can’t see them, we understand that God exists. Why? Because we have experienced Him! Our experience is as real as the radio waves that exist all around us.

Pray that devout Communists in Southeast Asia will experience and embrace our Creator.

Akha Peoples

The woman with the elaborate headdress caused quite a stir among the tourists who were visiting in Southern China’s Yunnan Province. The headdress consisted of beaten silver coins, fur, beads, and feathered tassels. The tour guide explained that this woman was an Akha woman and that these women only remove their headdresses to clean them or to wash their hair.

The Akhas of Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Cambodia have had more contact with Christianity than their Chinese cousins, and many along the Mekong River have taken advantage of tourists’ readiness for “extreme adventure” and offer three-day trekking adventures visiting Akha villages and experiencing their culture.

However, the Akhas of China are the least reached of the Akha subgroups. The Chinese government considers them part of the Hani nationality, which is a collection of more than a dozen distinct ethnic groups. Most scholars agree that the Akhas were originally of Tibetan origin. According to one of their legends, there was a lost book written on buffalo skin by the Creator. On a long journey the Akhas became hungry and ate this book. Ever since that time they have been without a written language. The Hanis, their close neighbors in southern Yunnan Province, have experienced a dynamic church planting movement in the last few years.

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Pray that the Hanis will reach out to their Akha neighbors with the gospel and lead them to Christ. Pray for a strong discipling ministry that will transform Akha communities into His likeness.-JS

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