Daily Topic for June 21, 2009

II Cor. 3:16
"But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away."

This is what happens when the lost finally understand the glory of the Lord and are drawn to Him. It’s like a veil is lifted from their eyes, and they can finally see clearly into the spirit realm!

Pray that the veil will be taken from the eyes of the Lao peoples as we pray for them today.

Lowland Lao

The pig roasting on the rotating spit gave off a delicious aroma that assured the Lowland Lao people who were raising the house that they would have a hearty meal to pay for their efforts. Each Lowland Lao family is fairly self-sufficient, growing its own food and making its own clothing and tools. However, there are occasions that call for the cooperative efforts of several families. Entire villages work together for big jobs like raising a new house or during the intense period of transplanting and harvesting rice.

The Lowland Lao village economy is centered on rice cultivation. Glutinous, or sticky rice is their staple food, so virtually everyone is first and foremost a rice farmer. Villagers may have other skills, but they are supplementary to rice production.

Another cooperative effort for the village is building its wat, or Buddhist temple. The wat often serves as the venue for community gatherings. Although the Lowland Laos are Buddhists, they also practice forms of animism and ancestor worship. The village chief leads in secular affairs, but the Buddhist monk has authority in religious issues. Traditionally the young men enter village monasteries for about three months to study Buddhism.

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Pray that the Lord will give mission agencies His strategies for effectively evangelizing the Lao people. Pray that God will open the hearts of Laotian governmental leaders to the gospel. Pray that believers will take authority over false spiritual principalities and powers that keep the Lao people bound.-JS

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