Daily Topic for June 08, 2009

I Cor. 6:12b
"'Everything is permissible for me'-but I will not be mastered by anything."

Though I am taking this verse slightly out of context, it may be a very appropriate one to teach Buddhists. People of their faith have a great admiration for those who are able to control their bodily needs to the point of taking long fasts, etc. Could it be that the people of the Mekong River regions would be drawn to a Church that is noted for self control and purity?

Pray for self-control and purity to define the believers who live near the unreached peoples of the Mekong River.

Nyi Lahu People of Vietnam

Just before dawn, the silent group of Nyi Lahu men began their single-file trek to the mountaintop with the dead man’s body. “Are we almost there?” called a small voice from the back. It was the first time the boy had been allowed to join a burial procession. Most of the elders had died, except for his father. Now he was dead too. The men carried all the items his father would need in the next life. No one wanted his spirit to come back down searching for something they had forgotten to provide for him in the afterlife. The exposed mountain peak, rising above canopied forest, was an ideal place for the dead man’s spirit to easily find the objects left for him.

The Nyi Lahu people of Vietnam dig their graves on ridges and hills well removed from inhabited areas, usually at least 500 meters or more from their village. They don’t want the spirits of the dead to return and create havoc or meddle in village affairs. Most of the Nyi Lahus practice an ancient folk religion. There are probably a very small number of believers. They are the most unreached of all Lahu subgroups because they are so resistant.

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Pray for the Nyi Lahus to know that the spirits of the dead have no power over them, but that the Holy Spirit has all power. May they welcome the Lord Jesus Christ into their hearts and lives.-JWS

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