Daily Topic for June 05, 2009

I Cor. 3:11
"For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ."

This is where mission work becomes very difficult. In a place like Southeast Asia where Buddhism is the foundation, it’s very difficult to convince people that Jesus Christ is the true foundation. Many times missionaries get feedback like, “Buddha is good for us, and Jesus is good for you.”

Pray that the many Buddhist peoples will understand that they need the sure foundation of Christ, the King of Kings.

Njua Hmong

The Njua Hmong family stood along the banks of the Mekong River in Thailand. They stared across the water at their homeland in Laos, but knew it wouldn’t be safe to go home so as long as that country had a Communist government. Hmong people such as the Njuas still remember the failed CIA secret war to stop Communism from entering Laos. That war ended in 1980 and the Hmong had helped America’s CIA, and many wound up in refugee camps when the Communists took over. This was not the right time to go home.

The Hmong people group cluster originated in China but many were forced to flee by Chinese invaders. Those who remained now call themselves the Miao. Some subgroups that fled, such as the Njuas, wound up in Laos. The Hmong continued to fight the new Communist government that came to power in Laos in 1975, long after other people groups had submitted to Communist rule. Their efforts failed, and the Hmong had to flee. Many ended up in Thai refugee camps, and a few settled in the United States. Their status is still pending.

Though some Hmong groups have strong churches, others like the Njua subgroup have never fully responded to a Christian witness.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that God would mobilize Hmong believers to reach out to each unreached subgroup with the gospel. Pray that God will shower each Hmong subgroup with the blessing of fellowship with Him.-WK

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