Daily Topic for June 03, 2009

I Cor. 1:7
"For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel-not with words of human wisdom, lest the cross be emptied of its power."

On one level, Buddhism and other Eastern religions offer wisdom and philosophical insights. There are many things in Buddhist morals and philosophy that agree with biblical teachings. These things are attractive. However, without the cross and the blood spilled on Calvary to pay for our sins, the philosophy of Buddhism can be dangerous!

Pray that Buddhists in Southeast Asia will get past human wisdom and embrace the cross of Christ.

Lisu Missionaries to Neighboring Peoples

(Continued from yesterday) Fraser went on furlough to England from 1924-29. During this time, he married Roxie Dymond, the daughter of a Methodist missionary in China. You can be sure that he prayed intensely for the infant church while he was away those five years!

Upon returning to Yunnan Province, Fraser developed a script for the Lisu language. Using this new alphabet, Fraser translated the Gospel of Mark and a catechism. He didn’t finish the entire New Testament until 1936, two years before his death.

Though Fraser died at age 52 of cerebral malaria, his legacy is still strong today. He set a consistent policy of training entire families and villages of new Lisu believers. This was truly a people movement to Christ. By having pastors and missionaries supported by Lisu believers, he avoided the pitfall of dependency on Western money. In doing so, the Lisu church remained strong during the years of Japanese occupation and even during Communist China’s Cultural Revolution of 1966-76. By the 1990s, over 90 percent of the Lisus in China were Christian believers. Lisu evangelists reach out, not only to their own people, but also to other neighboring people groups like the Kachins and the Nosus.

(From “James O. Fraser: Violent Groans and Cries of Travailing Prayer,” by David Smithers. Also, Wikipedia, “James Outram Fraser.”

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Pray that Lisu believers will emerge stronger in their faith and outreach as they deal with the confusion brought on by today’s globalized China.-KC

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