Daily Topic for June 01, 2009

I Cor. 1:5
"For in Him you have been enriched in every way..."

One of the things that the unreached people groups of the Mekong River regions don’t realize is that following Christ offers benefits far beyond what they can imagine. Not only do we have eternal life in Him, but also abundant life when we follow His ways. But how will they know about the riches of following Christ if no one goes?

Pray for members of the reached Lisu people, the Karen, the Han Chinese, and others to take the spiritual riches of Christ to those who still haven’t heard.

Spiritual Victory for Cross-Cultural Workers in Yunnan

If you were given a choice, would you enjoy the applause of adoring crowds as a concert pianist, or make good money as an engineer? This was the choice that James O. Fraser once had. This musically-gifted believer became an engineer, but soon dedicated his life to mission work with China Inland Mission (CIM) in 1908. This Englishman was 22 years old at the time.

Two years later, James was stationed in China’s remote, mountainous Yunnan Province. At first he worked among the Han Chinese. He developed the habit of climbing mountains and preaching to the Lisu people who also live in Burma, now called Myanmar. He was readily accepted by them, though the closest he got to their language at that time was Mandarin. Fraser lived in their mud-floored huts, and devoted his intense energy to learning the Lisu language.

James was daring to invade Satan’s kingdom, which had claimed the souls of the Lisu people. This was undisputed for hundreds of years. James became discouraged and even depressed when he ministered for five years with little to show for his efforts. A few came to Christ, but they were severely buffeted by the Evil One. Fraser himself suffered from a depression brought on by the enemy of mankind. But eventually, he found deliverance.

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Pray that the Lord will deliver today’s missionaries from satanic depression.-KC

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