Daily Topic for May 28, 2009

Romans 15:21/Isaiah 52:15
"...but as it is written: To whom He was not announced, they shall see; and those who have not heard shall understand."

Neither Isaiah nor the disciples had any idea how far the fame and glory of Christ would go at the time this was written. A few short years before Paul quoted this verse, the idea of sharing the gospel with a Roman soldier was very strange to Peter. Could any of them even imagine what we are now seeing in the world? It once seemed unthinkable to all of us that people would come to the Lord in places like the Punjab, Mongolia and Nepal. Where will the Lord move next? He might just be waiting for you to pray before He moves His almighty hand in one of the world’s darkest places!

As you pray next month, pray as if He is waiting for you to intercede for the unreached.

Lao in Canada

Where are all the children? There were few children at the Lao Buddhist temple in Toronto; just old people and middle-aged parents worried about their absent children. As a Buddhist priest began teaching in Lao, the parents understood why their children had been too bored to attend. Many Canadian born Lao barely speak the Lao language anymore. They know just enough Lao words to hold simple conversations with their parents. Away from home, especially at school, they spoke English or French, languages the older generations barely understood.

Ever since the Laos fled the communist takeover of Laos in 1975, there has been a generation gap. Living in a much safer world, the younger generation can no longer relate to the ways of their parents or other community leaders. Many Buddhist priests at Canadian Lao temples are recent immigrants. It is hard for the Lao youth to relate to them. Materialism and immorality are becoming problems with a youth generation that is struggling to assimilate into Canada’s mainstream society, often in self-destructive ways.

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Ask God to raise up missionaries capable of reaching out to both generations of Lao people in Canada. Pray that the 500 Lao believers in Canada will be filled with such love and zeal to please Him that they will be unmoved by the enticements of materialism and sexual perversity. Pray that the Holy Spirit will raise up Lao believers who will glorify Him by taking actions to end the curse of corruption in business, so that even Lao Buddhists will be drawn to the true God.-WK

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