Daily Topic for May 26, 2009

Romans 15:7
"Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God."

Chapter 14 and the first few verses of chapter 15 deal with issues of conscience in the life of the church. Those strong in faith are instructed not to do anything that would disturb the faith of those not so strong. Paul warns them against putting stumbling blocks in the way of others. Believers are to accept one another as Christ has accepted us: unconditionally. Those who are missions-minded often fall into temptation to be critical of those who don’t yet have a concern for all nations. Missions-fanatics should be careful to win their brethren to the cause through love and acceptance.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will teach us to accept other believers who do not share our concerns. Pray against any form of self-righteousness.

Buddhist Japanese in Canada

Jason, a Japanese-Canadian youth, visited the coastal fishing village in British Columbia where his grandfather had once lived and worked as a fisherman. Walking past rows of fishing boats along the pier, he saw no Japanese faces. No one looked like himself and he found it hard to imagine that this town once had a large Japanese population. Tomorrow he’d fly back to his home in Toronto and get on with his life.

During the early 1900s thousands of Japanese immigrated to Canada, many of them settling in British Columbia. Most became fishermen or farmers. Some worked in the mines or for the railroad. A generation later many Japanese were relocated to central and eastern Canada after the start of World War II, because the government feared they might act on behalf of Japan, Canada’s enemy in that war. After World War II many Japanese Canadians didn’t return to British Columbia, choosing to remain in the provinces where they had been resettled. Today third and fourth generation Japanese-Canadians are searching for their roots. Some, like Jason, have returned to British Columbia, if only for a short time.

Canada’s ethnic Japanese need to know that their true roots are in Jesus Christ. Sadly less than one percent have received Him as Lord.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that God will empower Japanese Buddhists in Canada to recognize and abandon patterns of sin that keep them away from the Heavenly Father.-WK

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