Daily Topic for May 24, 2009

Romans 12:4
"Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function..."

Many people describe missionaries as the legs in the body of Christ. They do the stepping out; without legs, the body would go nowhere, stagnated and growing fat. But the legs would be nothing without the rest of the body. The head, of course, is Christ. Congregations can be seen as the trunk, to provide vital support functions for the legs. The legs cannot be strong unless the trunk is strong as well. Rejoice today that even though you may never be able to be Christ’s legs by becoming a missionary, you can be a vital part of the missionary enterprise through your financial and prayer support.

Pray that the Father will teach us how to make the trunk more healthy!

Malays in Canada

The belly dancer whirled her final spin. She had charmed the crowd, and she walked away with plenty of cash tips to show for it. Soon midnight would strike-New Year! Already champagne was pouring. Over 600 people were there to celebrate. Earlier in the evening karaoke singing gave way to a 10-course Chinese dinner. People danced, and the hosts gave out door prizes. As midnight approached, the crowd gathered on the dance floor. Champagne filled each glass. At the sound of midnight, cheering, kissing and toasting filled the air.

Perhaps it could have been any social group. But most Canadians had retired to more private celebrations before midnight struck. These were Malaysian Muslims from Greater Vancouver, British Columbia.

Malays have migrated for centuries. One source shows large groups in Australia and South Africa, but only a few thousand are recorded in Canada.

In their home country, the mood may not have been so festive. They would have been expected to closely observe Islamic practice. But far from home, these rules relax, even the strict ones about using alcohol. Still, no matter where he lives, the Malay knows, “To be Malay is to be Muslim.”

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Pray that Canadian ministries will bridge the gap to share Christ with Malays in their country. Pray that the distance from home will cultivate a hunger for Christ. Pray for workers who can demonstrate Christ’s love to the Muslim Malays of Canada in such a way that they will be drawn to His kingdom.-EF

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