Daily Topic for May 14, 2009

Romans 6:23
"For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."

This verse is the gospel in a nutshell! Our sin has separated us from the Creator, resulting in eternal death. But eternal life is offered through Christ Jesus! This eternal life is a free gift to all who will receive it. But we must remember that it wasn’t free for Christ; it cost Him death on the cross. We must freely, willingly and zealously offer God’s gift to the unreached. The Great Commission may cost us our money, our children, or our church leaders, but obedience is the only reasonable response to God’s wonderful love.

Thank the Father for His gift of eternal life through Christ. Pray that He will give us the courage and selflessness to do whatever it takes to offer His gift to the unreached.

Sinhalese People in Canada

“Canada has opened its doors to Asian people.” This news spread after Canada revised its immigration laws in 1967. Large numbers of Sinhalese people have moved from Sri Lanka to Canada since that time.

The Sinhalese are Buddhists who descended from Indo-Aryans in northern India and migrated to what is now Sri Lanka about 500 B.C. Ongoing civil conflict in Sri Lanka has caused large numbers of people to flee the country. Many of them held professional jobs in Sri Lanka and have found comparable work in Canada.

Younger Sinhalese immigrants are taking on Canadian culture, and senior family members complain that youngsters show less respect than earlier generations did. There are fewer arranged marriages. They rarely speak their Sinhala language, even in their homes. Yet, the Sinhalese people are keeping their Buddhist devotion alive. They seem to be propagating the Buddhist religion. As many as 500,000 Canadians now practice Buddhism. We Christians are in the midst of spiritual warfare, and we must seriously defend our faith on our knees.

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Pray that believers in Canada will actively share Christ’s love, joy and peace with the Buddhist Sinhalese people. Pray that the good news of salvation spreads quickly and draws many Sinhalese to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.-AK

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