Daily Topic for May 10, 2009

Romans 4:17
"God, in whom he believed-the God who gives life to the dead..."

One source of Abraham’s great faith was his confidence that God was able to raise the dead. Specifically, he believed that God could raise Isaac-his only son-from the dead if Isaac were sacrificed in response to God’s command. Christians today need the same kind of faith. In many churches, a once strong missions thrust has died, succumbing to disinterest, disobedience, and perhaps despair. Interest and action among students today, while improving, is lethargic compared to the heyday of the Student Volunteer Movement 100 years ago.

Pray that God will bring back to life the portions of His body that are dead to the cause of the unreached peoples.

Eastern Yiddish Jews in Canada

“For the first time in Canadian history, Hebrew has eclipsed Yiddish as a mother tongue for Jews in Canada, as elderly speakers of the European language die off and as the flow of Israeli immigrants continues.” Joshua, a prominent writer, was deeply concerned as he wrote his article for a Canadian newspaper.

He continued, “Yiddish is a High German language, which is written using the Hebrew alphabet. It was used originally among European Jews and spread to Jewish communities around the world. Many Orthodox and Hassidic people used it as their main language. Literature flowered and there was a strong bonding among its users. Yiddish was once the third-most common language in Montreal. Now, in terms of the Jewish community in Canada, we see its inevitable deep decline. This is happening very fast. There is a deep concern that with the loss of the Yiddish-speaking generation there will come the loss of the rich cultural legacy of Yiddish literature and culture.”

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that as the Canadian Jewish communities gradually turn from Yiddish to Hebrew, they will begin to seriously study the Hebrew Scriptures (“Old Testament”) and find a deeper understanding of God. May this lead them to understanding and accepting that prophecies in the Old Testament have been fulfilled in Yeshua (Jesus). Pray that their identity and wholeness will be found in Him. Pray that many of their rabbis will find Yeshua to be the Anointed One for whom they have waited.-PD

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