Daily Topic for May 05, 2009

Romans 2:17
" Now you, if you call yourself a Jew..."

Paul is asking the Jews at this point to examine themselves. They have the Law and the truth, they teach others, and preach, but do they do the things they are telling others not to do? In other words, do they practice what they preach? What if Paul were here today to ask us the same questions? If you bear the name believer…. What does it mean to be a believer? The name implies submission to the lordship of Jesus Christ and a commitment to His Word. It also connotes an attitude-one that is willing to give up life’s smaller ambitions for the sake of Christ’s global cause.

Pray that the Father may find us to be fully committed believers for the sake of the unreached peoples.

Somalis in Canada

What if everyone who looked like you worshipped a false god? Would you be predisposed to do the same? Imagine the difficulty a Somali has when deciding to follow Jesus. It goes against his heritage, his ancestors, his tradition, and his family. Truly it is a decision that will bring not peace, but a sword between, and even within families. (Matt. 10:34-35).

The tension is exacerbated when living on foreign soil. The daily stresses of navigating through a new culture while seeking to retain and treasure your heritage make it difficult to become a part of the host community. Very often, Jesus is seen as a “foreign god,” and a desire to follow His way of life is seen as an uncritical acceptance of another culture as well as a denial of one’s heritage.

In Canada, there are 35,000 of these least reached, predominantly Muslim people who need to hear of the grace and forgiveness of God through Isa, the Christ. To many of them, clinging to their ancient traditions is all they have left, and putting their faith in Christ is paramount to being a traitor.

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Pray that their new culture would not be a stumbling block for them to hear and respond to the person of Jesus Christ. Ask God to raise up culturally sensitive believers in Canada willing to familiarize themselves with the Somali culture, practices and traditions in order to present Christ as the King of kings, the Healer of Somalia’s people and the Redeemer of all nations.-MB

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