Daily Topic for May 01, 2009

Romans 1:9-10
"God...is my witness how constantly I remember you in my prayers at all times; and I pray that now at last by God's will the way may be opened for me to come to you."

Imagine how busy Paul must have been. He was a premier missionary, a spokesman for the Church, and a frequent traveler. He must have had many things to pray about, not the least of which would have been his own health and protection in the midst of persecution and prison. But his praying didn’t stop with his own concerns. He prayed for the churches he had planted as well as the ones he hadn’t planted. Even more significantly, he prayed for people he had never seen. One of the purposes of this Global Prayer Digest is to help you to pray for people you have never seen-the world’s unreached peoples.

Pray that some who read this prayer guide will also, like Paul, be led of God to go as missionaries to these people.

Canadian Missionaries

It seemed that George Mackay was the first in everything. He was the first born son of a family of Highland Scots which had moved to Ontario, Canada. He was the first missionary to be sent out from Canada. In Taiwan, his mission field, he founded the first hospital, the first modern school, the first school for women, and the first museum. After studying at Princeton Seminary and Edinburgh University (Scotland), he began the first Canadian Presbyterian mission effort. His 30-year ministry began in 1872.

What really made Mackay so effective were his mission methods. He completely identified with the Taiwanese people, a step that made his ministry controversial in Canada, but endeared him to the people he went to serve. He planted 60 churches.

Through five months of intense study and the practical experience of spending time with rural boys, he was able to preach in Amoy Chinese. His work caught the attention of the local educated elite who debated with him regarding the merits of Confucianism and Christianity. After immersing himself in the Chinese classic literature, he was able to speak the language well enough to have discussions with the elite. Mackay preached in front of temples, where people reacted by throwing garbage at him. (continued tomorrow)

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Pray that the Holy Spirit will give discernment to today’s missionaries regarding how to act as Christ’s ambassadors.-KC

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