Daily Topic for April 30, 2009

Acts 28:28
"Therefore I want you to know that Godís salvation has been sent to the Gentiles, and they will listen."

In a way, this is a sad ending to the book of Acts. Paul was closing the door to his witness to the Jews because they had so often rejected Godís appeal through him. He wanted them to realize that their hardness of heart was the main reason for his focus on the Gentiles. But in another sense, this is a happy ending. It says that the Gentiles will listen, and, indeed they did! The book of Acts ends as it begins, with Godís concern that the Church should proclaim His salvation to all the nations. From there, we get church history, starting with Acts 29. What part of Acts 29 is your church playing?

Pray that our churches will respond to the Holy Spiritís promptings to go to the frontiers.

IMB Workers In Paris

“Europe’s Muslims are ready to hear about Christ, but many have simply never been told.” So says a Southern Baptist imssionary in Paris working with African Muslims. “All we have to do is give them the gospel in a way they can understand and we can change the Muslim world. We really do have fields ready for harvest here. We just don’t have the harvesters.”

The Southern Baptist International Mission Board (IMB) has sent “Team West Africa in Paris” to share Christ in the spiritually dark “Foyers,” rundown government-built apartment buildings, overcrowded with North and West-African immigrants. Each building must be prayer-saturated before entry is attempted or the witchdoctors and imams block entry. The JESUS Film is shown in individual African languages and the people love to hear it in their own language. The Lord has allowed them to enter at least 50 foyers and in 40 of those the gospel found fertile and responsive ground. Other IMB volunteers hand out packets of gospel materials to newly arriving African Muslims at the ports. Another parks a port-a-potty truck within reach of the arriving immigrants where the traffic bottlenecks and hands out Bibles and gospel literature.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that Christ’s message of grace and peace will penetrate the hearts of the 500,000 Muslims in Paris. Pray for freedom and safety for the IMB volunteers. Pray for God to raise up many harvesters for this IMB work.-PE

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