Daily Topic for April 28, 2009

Acts 20:25
"Now I know that none of you among whom I have gone about preaching the kingdom will ever see me again."

It is sad when a missionary leaves the people to whom he was sent, a people whom he has come to love. When the church is planted, able to sustain itself, and willing and able to send evangelists and missionaries on its own, the missionary’s task is complete. But that church needs our prayers to grow in the grace and knowledge of God and to reach out to other peoples who have no churches.

Pray that existing churches, including younger churches in the non-Western world, may continue to l ourish and to commission workers to the unreached peoples.

Chechens In France

Khanfa looked across the Parisian riverfront with its peaceful coffee shops musing how carefree and lively the people of Paris were on this spring day. How far from home she felt! But then, her house and family in Chechnya no longer existed, having been blown away in the winds of war with Russia. What would have become of her, she wondered, if a handful of Frenchmen had not persuaded their government to allow students from Chechnya into France to study at their high schools and universities?

Khanfa hoped to finish her studies and return to Chechnya to help her people. Meanwhile, doors in the West were repeatedly closed to other Chechens because they were suspected of being terrorists. Only Pakistan and Saudi Arabia opened their doors to their fellow Muslims. In those countries radical Wahhabis taught those students their violent form of Islam. These students have taken Wahhabism back to Chechnya.

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Pray that Western nations like France will take in Muslim students where they can learn the ways of peace. Pray that Chechen students in France will meet followers of Christ who reach out to them in kindness and love. Pray that these displaced students will be open to the gospel.-PE

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