Daily Topic for April 25, 2009

Acts 17:22
"Paul then stood up in the meeting of the Areopagus and said: 'Men of Athens! I see that in every way you are very religious.'"

Throughout the world, missionaries encounter members of unreached people groups who are “very religious,” just like the people of Athens. Is “being religious” a step in the right direction? In this case, it didn’t seem to be since only a few became followers as a result of Paul’s preaching. He didn’t spend much time with them, but instead went on to Corinth where he hoped to find spiritually hungry hearts. Yet there are people out there who have spiritual questions, and have no answers except those given by “religion.” How will our missionaries find them?

Pray that the Lord will lead today’s workers to the “religious” people who are sincerely looking for truth and righteousness.

WEC International/Neighbors Worldwide

Samantha first met Miriam looking a bit confused on the street corner. The English woman approached the burkha-clad new Pakistani arrival. In her broken Urdu, Samantha greeted the young woman. Samantha asked Miriam if she needed to find a market that sold Pakistani goods. When the woman nodded, Samantha said, “There is a good one that sells fresh vegetables and halal meat three blocks away from here.” They walked to the market together, discussing the difficulty of learning a new language, and finding their way around an unfamiliar city.

After shopping, the two new friends stopped at a tea house to enjoy some chai. Miriam said, “There is something different about you. All the other people in England ignore me.” Samantha responded, “If I didn’t help you, I would be sinning against the God of Abraham. He tells His people to show kindness to those who come from far away.” This began a long discussion about religion, one of the favorite subjects for any Muslim.

Though this is only a story, it illustrates the work of Neighbors Worldwide, one of the ministries of WEC International. Neighbors Worldwide began in 1970 when new immigrants were beginning to come to English cities in large numbers. Through friendship evangelism, believers are able to go as Christ’s ambassadors to the unreached in urban England.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for God to raise up many more to start new teams in three other English cities. Pray that each worker will be equipped with the love of Christ and the fruit of the Holy Spirit.-KC

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