Daily Topic for April 24, 2009

Acts 15:16-18
"...that the remnant of men may seek the Lord."

Some Judean Christians went to Antioch and taught the Gentile believers that they had to be circumcised in order to be acceptable to God. This upset Paul and Barnabas, who decided to go to Jerusalem to talk with the church leaders. James concluded the discussion at this meeting by quoting the prophets, affirming God’s intention to include the Gentiles in His redemption. The council concluded that circumcision was unnecessary. That decision was a watershed event in the history of the expansion of the Christian faith. It was clear at this point that the gospel would expand within each culture, unencumbered by Jewish traditions.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to give wisdom to missionaries and national church leaders who must carefully distinguish between biblical absolutes and cultural norms.

Buddhist Burmese in the U.K.

Burmese Buddhist students in the U.K. are looking for “ultimate peace.” Imagine that you are a Burmese student, living in the U.K., learning a new language, adopting a Western style of dress, and juggling classes, scholarships, and a new job. How can these students find time to even think about the good news of Jesus when they have so many things on their minds?

Buddhists follow the quest for “ultimate peace” or nirvana. They hope one day to escape the desires of this world by nirvana, where the individual consciousness dissolves into the universe. Many of their homes have statues of Gautama Buddha, “the enlightened one,” whom they worship. Burmese Buddhists live primarily in large cities such as London, Liverpool and Glasgow. They face crime, drug abuse, discrimination, and violence. Some succeed in finding jobs in industry or small businesses. Despite the abundance of Christians and churches, Burmese Buddhist students remain virtually unreached.

The universities in Myanmar (Burma) are understaffed and under-funded and are often shut down for months or even years, creating a huge demand for education in other countries such as the U.K. There just aren’t enough scholarships or jobs to meet the financial needs of these students. Christians can build a bridge to these students by providing needed scholarships in the U.K.

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Pray that the Lord will stir Christians to build bridges for the gospel by meeting the needs of Burmese Buddhists in the U.K., who so desperately want to find “ultimate peace.”-CH

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