Daily Topic for April 18, 2009

Acts 5:28
"...you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching."

Chapters five and six of Acts yield several indications that the apostles were obedient to the Lord’s command to be His witnesses in Jerusalem. The number of disciples was quickly getting very large (6:1, 6:7)! But what about the rest of the Lord’s command? Had He not said they should go beyond Jerusalem? Yes! How easy it is to become absorbed in issues close to home and thereby forget the needs of other peoples in other places. Are there any ways in which you or your church has neglected the frontiers of mission?

Thank the Father for all He has done in our homes and churches through the witness of our spiritual fathers. Pray that we will not become preoccupied with these blessings. Pray that He will use us to bring blessings to the whole world.

Punjabi Sikhs

“Jasprett, I’m Balkar from B.O.S.S. (British Organization of Sikh Students). Welcome to England, and welcome to the World Sikh University (WSU). What will you be studying?” Jasprett, a Punjabi from India, replied, “I want to study world religions and my advisor said this is the best place. Tell me more about B.O.S.S.”

Balkar replied, “Our main goal is to unite all Sikh Students in England under one banner. Some of the things we have are great social events, lectures and discussions about our Sikhs Guru’s teachings. Most importantly, we do not want to alienate ourselves from other religious bodies. Instead we invite students irrespective of race or religion to our events and to our university. Recently we had several interfaith meetings with Christians and Muslims. B.O.S.S. helps us to uphold our Sikh practices, culture and way of life. It allows us to always remember the destination of our journey.”

There are over 300,000 Sikhs living in the U.K. Most of them are ethnic Punjabis from India and Pakistan. Sikhism was founded by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, (1469-1538). Sikhs believe that the founder received a vision to preach the way to enlightenment and God. Guru Nanak taught a strict monotheism and the brotherhood of all humanity. Sikhs are often approachable and open to discussion about spiritual matters.

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Pray that followers of Christ will befriend and have opportunities to share in a sensitive way with Punjabi Sikh students about who Christ is, and the meaning of His eternal Kingdom.-PD

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