Daily Topic for April 12, 2009

Luke 24:5b-6a
"Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He has risen!"

What comforting words from the angels! The Lord has risen! Can anyone else make such a claim apart of Jesus, the Risen Christ? No one has ever risen from the dead except from the command of our Lord. Upon hearing this good news from the angels, the women ran to tell others. Shouldn’t we be just as excited about telling the nations about the only One who has power over death?

Pray for a renewed boldness this Easter morning, to go and tell of His resurrection victory.

Kazakhs in Germany

How does an industrial nation like Germany gain influence in an oil-rich developing country? Educators can train future leaders at German universities! Under a German government scholarship program, 76 Kazakh students were accepted at German universities in 2005-2006. Altogether, the Academic Exchange financed in Germany 100 more Kazakh students in 2006-2007. The German Federal Foreign Office regularly invites Kazakh junior diplomats to Germany for further training. One foundation has granted a number of research scholarships to qualified Kazakh scientists. In only five months young Kazakh citizens can complete a parliamentary traineeship in Germany. This underscores the partnerships between German and Kazakh institutions of higher education.

The Kazakhs, a Turkic people, are the second largest Muslim people group of Central Asia. Germany’s long-time rival, Russia, acquired Central Asia through a steady process of annexation in the 19th Century. Since the collapse of the Russian-dominated Soviet Union in 1991, the Kazakhs have been searching for their own identity. Traditionally, the Kazakhs were nomadic shepherds, but under Russian rule much of their land was seized and used for collective farming.

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Pray that Kazakh students will be reached with the gospel in Germany. Ask God to encourage and protect the small number of Kazakhs who have put their faith in Christ, helping them to reach out to other Kazakhs. Pray for German believers to train Kazakh church leaders with fresh training materials in the Kazakh language.-MH

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