Daily Topic for April 11, 2009

Luke 24:26
"Did not the Christ have to suffer these things and then enter His glory?"

One of the things we so often forget is that before there is glory, there is often suffering. We know that, like Christ, many of His servants are suffering in places like North Korea and Saudi Arabia for their faith. In many cases throughout Church history, the suffering of the saints has led to repentance and the extension of His Kingdom. You have heard it said that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church. So difficult, but so true in our fallen world!

Pray that the unreached will be reached through the suffering of the saints, and that God will be glorified.

Turks in Germany

In what country is it best for a Turkish student to attend college; the U.K., France, the U.S., or Germany? Over half of Turkish students who go to a non-Turkish university go to Germany, a country that has a large Turkish minority. In 1994, Erman Tanyildiz, a successful ethnic Turkish businessman in Germany, founded a university there for disadvantaged Turks who wanted higher education. Their school’s slogan is, “study differently.” They cater primarily to business, information and communications students. Though not all of the students are Turkish, this university offers opportunities for any who might not otherwise have a chance to get beyond the manual labor jobs currently held by most of Germany’s Turks.

The first Turks arrived in Germany about 50 years ago. They are still solidly Muslim and many have problems reading and writing German, even those born in Germany. Many of Germany’s major cities have Turkish ethnic neighborhoods. Many Germans dislike Turks because a few members of that people group have been caught aiding Islamic extremist groups such as Al Qaeda. Also, some believe that Turks are taking away their work opportunities.

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Pray that God would open the hearts of Turks in Germany to the message of Jesus. May they come to see Jesus Christ as not just a prophet, but the only One who can save their souls.-WK

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