Daily Topic for April 07, 2009

Psalms 25:11
"For the sake of Your Name, O Lord, forgive my iniquity, though it is great."

All of us sin each day, and we need forgiveness. Our sins are an offense to the One who created us, the only One with the power to forgive. This is one of the ways His Name is glorified; by forgiving sinful man. There are entire tribes, tongues and nations that don’t yet know that God will forgive their sins if they humble themselves and call on His Name in repentance. Don’t stop praying for these peoples who are cut off from their chance to accept forgiveness, and glorify His Name.

Pray that the nations will be stirred to crave His forgiveness, so that His Name may be glorified.

Buddhist Vietnamese People in the Netherlands

Why do students from Vietnam flock to the universities in the Netherlands? Before the current economic downturn, rising prosperity in Vietnam allowed many Vietnamese families to send their sons and daughters to get an education overseas, and Dutch schools are good. College aged men and women are enrolling at Dutch universities to get away from the poor quality universities in Vietnam. These Vietnamese students also relish the freedoms a Western nation like the Netherlands offers. Vietnam is still a communist nation with a state-controlled press.

The rush of Vietnamese students to enroll at Dutch universities places them in an environment where they are exposed to new spiritual ideas. Most Vietnamese are Buddhist, though the government frowns on all religions. In Vietnam, Buddhist-background students have had little or no exposure to the message of hope in Christ. Even with a Catholic Church in Vietnam, few from a Buddhist background will dare to look outside of Buddhism for spiritual answers.

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Pray that God will soon open the minds of the Vietnamese students in the Netherlands to the message of salvation in Christ. Ask God to break any barriers of fear or suspicion which these students might have. Pray that the Lord will lead believers to reach out to this people group.-WK

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