Daily Topic for April 03, 2009

Psalms 33:13-15
"From heaven the Lord looks down and sees all mankind. He watches all who live on earth-He who forms the hearts of all."

Does this sound like a God who does not care? Does He, who sends us out to give His good news to every people group on earth, not love each one? Yes, this is the same God who sent His Son to die on the cross 2,000 years ago, rise from the dead, and ascend to the Father. What an awesome Savior! Certainly our efforts in the Great Commission cannot “pay” Him back, but they are what we can do to obey Him.

Pray that God will show you how He wants you to serve Him.

Sindhis in Scotland

The Picts were so fierce that even at the height of the Roman Empire, the Romans built Hadrian’s Wall to keep them out after subduing the Celts, who lived in what is now England. Three hundred years later, the Picts had not changed. Perhaps a mighty warrior like Columba was the kind of man who could reach these war-like people before they killed him.

In 563, Columba and 12 other monks landed in Iona. Thus began a 32-year ministry for Columba. After two years of teaching the faith to partially evangelized Irish Celts, they turned their attention to the unreached Picts.

Their method was to visit a specific place, and when given permission, build a mission station and a church. The mission station included huts for the monks, who would venture out to open new villages to the gospel. Those who remained would teach new believers about the ways of Jesus. As they learned the language of the Picts, monks would translate Scripture portions and hymns for the Picts and Scots. They taught new believers how to explain the ways of Christ to Picts in other villages. In this way, the gospel spread not only throughout what is now Scotland, but into the rest of the British Isles, and western Europe.

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Pray that God will use the student immigrants of Western Europe today to evangelize the unreached Muslims and Hindus in their midst.-KC

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