Daily Topic for April 01, 2009

Psalms 32: 5b
"I said, 'I will confess my transgressions to the Lord'-and You forgave the guilt of my sin."

As we prepare our hearts for Resurrection Sunday, let us think about why it was necessary for Him to be slain. We know that He has victory over death and the sole power to forgive sins because of His death and resurrection. Because of His sovereignty and mercy, He has both the power and the will to forgive sinful mankind. But what can others do that don’t know of His saving power? Will it be enough on the Day of Judgment for them to call on the mercy of Buddha or the power of Shiva? Is it right for us to enjoy His forgiveness while others look for truth and righteousness in the wrong places?

Pray for the unreached nations to know that only Christ has power to forgive sins.

Hindi Speakers in Ireland

There are good reasons why the 400s to the 700s were among the darkest years of the Dark Ages. Gothic tribes divided up the Roman Empire, and bands of marauders traveled through the land at will, looting and destroying as they went. The art and literature of Rome were being destroyed or confiscated by tribes that were not able to build upon what Ancient Rome and Greece had begun. More importantly, the Scriptures were among the books that were in jeopardy.

In this situation, the Lord raised up Irish believers to protect and expand His Church on the island of Ireland, which was never conquered by Rome. In the 400s, St. Patrick, a Celt from what is now England, took the gospel to the Irish Celts, who followed the Druidic religion. They did not attack the Druidic beliefs, though there was much evil in them. Some of the worst things we see in today’s Halloween came from the Druids. They even practiced human sacrifices. The lives of these early monks were often in jeopardy, but within 15 years, they won Ireland to Christ, and the new Irish believers started a powerful monastic movement throughout Ireland that eventually spread into Scotland, and the rest of Western Europe.

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Pray that we will not stop persevering in taking the Kingdom of God even to people who now seem unwilling to hear and embrace the gospel.-KC

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