Daily Topic for March 31, 2009

John 21:24
"This is the disciple who testifies to these things and who wrote them down. We know that his testimony is true."

In this verse we have the assurance by John, an eyewitness, that this gospel is true. Did John do this for personal gain? Considering that he died in exile, this is hardly likely. All John knew was what he saw, the mighty and wonderful things done by God the Son. Shouldn’t we, like John before us, go to tell a dying world of the only One who can give them life to the full?

Pray that by the Holy Spirit, the hearts and minds of those we prayed for this month will be willing to accept John’s testimony as true, and spread this testimony to the nations.

Avar People

Mushum, a middle-aged Avar man, looked up with alarm when a foreigner handed him a gospel tract as he walked down the street. What surprised Mushum was that the man passing out the literature wasn’t Russian. He didn’t realize that not all Christians are Russians. Most Avars distrust Russians; some even hate Russians with a passion. He barely glanced at the tract before hurrying to the mosque. Today was Friday and he was already late.

The Avars had once ruled a powerful empire in the Caucasus Mountains until the Russians conquered them several hundred years ago. Until 1917, Russian Orthodox missionaries tried to convert the Avars to Christianity. Their culturally insensitive methods caused the Avars to hate the Russians and the Christian religion. In 1858, during the Shamil Revolt, the Avars tried to win independence from Russia. That revolt was brutally crushed. The Avars live in Dagestan, which to this day is still under Russian control.

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Ask God for the creation of outreach methods that are sensitive to Avar culture. Pray that God would open doors for missionaries to work among the Avars of Dagestan. Pray that God would have His messengers use suitable means to convince the Avars that Jesus is the true source of salvation. -WK

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