Daily Topic for March 30, 2009

John 21:6
"Throw out your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some."

John’s gospel ends with an account that in many ways gives us a vivid picture of Jesus’ commission. The obedience of the disciples to Jesus’ word not only gave them a great catch of fish, but also opened their eyes to recognize Him. In that recognition was deep fellowship. And out of that fellowship, as it did for Peter, comes our commission to feed and care for others. Let us renew our lives afresh to Christ’s great cause of revealing His love to all the peoples of the earth.

Pray that we will know Him and follow Him, no matter what He tells us to do. Pray that He will reveal Himself afresh to us as we bring His revelation to others.

Hunzib People

The excitement level and the flames are high, but the Hunzib people are quick as they jump over the bonfire. The noise level is also high as the men and the women sing folk songs while they take turns jumping over the fire. The Hunzibs are Sunni Muslims, but this ceremony, now used to worship Allah, predated the introduction of Islam. Most Hunzibs no longer understand the meaning of this ritual; they just do it as a matter of tradition. And besides that, it’s such fun!

Over a thousand years ago the gospel was brought to the Hunzib people of Dagestan by missionaries from the neighboring country of Georgia, and they made a few disciples. But around 1400 the armies of Tamarlane swept through the Hunzib homeland, driving out all Christians and bringing in Muslim missionaries. The entire people group converted to Islam during the rule of the Timur Empire. Since that time, the gospel has not made any inroads among these 2,000 people.

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Pray that the Lord would use suitable means to lead the Hunzibs to salvation in Christ. Ask God to speed the day when a missionary agency targets the Hunzibs for outreach. Pray that Russian government regulations would be eased, allowing missionaries to work in Dagestan.-WK

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