Daily Topic for March 29, 2009

John 20:21
"Again Jesus said, 'Peace be with you! As the Father has sent Me, I am sending you.'"

After His resurrection, Jesus appeared to His disciples in the upper room and greeted them with this commission. Jesus was sent into the world to demonstrate God’s love for all peoples. While on earth Jesus also showed others how to impart His life to the world. As the Father sent Him, so He sends us, often to difficult places. But with the promise of His peace and His presence we have nothing to fear.

Thank the Father that He counts us worthy to bear the gospel of life to all peoples. Pray that we will be faithful to this great cause for rejoicing.

Tsakhur People of Azerbaijan and Russia

Day after day, Azar and other members of Azerbaijan’s army stand guard on a mountaintop, watching for Russian troop movements and fearing an invasion like the one that happened to neighboring Georgia last August. Azar is from the Tsakhur group, a people with a proud military tradition. Most of them live in Azerbaijan, though some live in Russia’s Dagestan region. For centuries the Tsakhurs fought for the freedom of their mountain valley homeland and for the right to worship Allah. They were one of the few people groups in the region to resist the conquering armies of Tamarlane, winning a major battle in 1396. Four hundred years later, the Russians conquered this proud people. The Muslim Tsakhurs don’t ever want to be ruled by a power hostile to their faith. Prior to 1991 the Russian communists had tried to stamp out Islam among this people group but failed.

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Pray that the message of salvation in Christ will become available to the Tsakhurs in their own language. They speak a tongue that has no written form. Ask God to send faithful workers who will translate the Bible into their language. Pray also for God to raise up gospel radio broadcasts in their language.-WK

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