Daily Topic for March 27, 2009

John 13:38
"Then Jesus answered, 'Will you really lay down your life for Me?'"

Peter had asserted as much, but Jesus proceeded to predict that Peter would deny Him not just once but three times! How often do we make bold statements without first “counting the cost” of being Jesus’ disciple? The one who aspires to such an honorable calling must, as Jesus said, “deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me” (Luke 9:23). Is such a cost too great for us to pay? It may very well mean the crucifixion of our life’s ambitions, but the rewards are so much greater!

Pray that the Father will make us bold in our determination to follow Him. Pray that He will teach us first to “count the cost.”


War, military clashes, convoys, and gun battles are elements of daily life in Russia’s breakaway republic of Chechnya. Many think it is oil that fuels the fires of dissent and divisions and causes their nation to lie in ruins. Only a quiet Chechnya would allow a full pipeline of petroleum to supply the thirst for oil the West craves while the wealth goes to the Russians. So, a quiet Chechnya is what Russia strives for. But Chechens are fiercely independent and resist control, and so the oil problem for Russia persists and the clashes and battles continue.

The Chechen language, called Noxche, is considered to be one of Russia’s most difficult, and it can actually be traced to the ancient language of the Mesopotamians. Chechens are entirely Sunni Muslim today, but they have strong, very ancient ties to Christianity. They are a despised people, called the “Mafia of Russia.” Yet they are known and called by God to a much higher purpose than to fight and destroy.

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Pray against the spirit of oppression brought on by war and destruction. Ask the Lord to tear down the barriers against the gospel that exist everywhere in Chechnya. Pray that these needy people will have the opportunity to hear the truth about Jesus and His love for them. Pray that the salvation message of Jesus Christ will sweep this devastated land and its people.-PE

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