Daily Topic for March 25, 2009

John 10:16
"I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also.... and they shall be one flock with one shepherd."

The gospels provide us with four perspectives on the Lord Jesus, each emphasizing some particular aspect of His person. Yet each gospel clearly presents His command to take the good news to the entire world. Here we read Jesus’ gentle reminder of the global nature of the good news. “Other sheep” may be understood as “other nations,” or “other peoples.” Let us exhort each other in the church to remember all the other sheep-of every tongue, tribe, people, and nation that are not yet in the fold! Let us think and pray about how we can share the news of Jesus with the “other sheep”-the unreached peoples of the world.

Pray that we will be faithful to reach out to these other sheep.

Adygei People

There is a tiny flame flickering in the west of Russia, near the Ukraine. Only 50 Adygei believers hold the light for 120,000 of their Muslim countrymen. Their forbearers once embraced Christianity, but they became converts to Islam through the intermingling with the people of neighboring countries where they fled for their lives in the 1860s. More recently Islam was completely accepted when they instituted sharia law.

They are rich in outreach, having been adopted by several churches. They have a New Testament and Children’s Bible translated into their language, the JESUS Film, and literature in their language. But still, there has been no church planted. The few Adygei believers attend a Russian Baptist Church and are being assimilated into the ranks and culture of the Russians rather than flowering in their own setting. This limits the outreach to their own people.

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Pray that the veil will be lifted from the eyes of the Adygei people. Pray that churches that have adopted the Adygei people will not rest till they have done all they can to reach them for Christ. Pray also that they will see the truth and put their faith in Christ alone. Pray that the Lord will send long-term missionaries to form relationships with the Adygeis, and that key leaders will be raised up among the Adygei people who will boldly proclaim the gospel.-PE

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