Daily Topic for March 22, 2009

John 4:32
"I have food to eat that you know nothing about."

At first glace, this verse can leave us with the impression that Jesus was in such a good mood after talking with the Samaritan woman that he made an overstatement. This was no overstatement. By addressing her needs, Jesus was refreshed in a way the disciples knew nothing about. Doing the will of His Father, and finishing His work, was what truly satisfied and sustained Him. How about us? Are we refreshed and sustained by obedience to Christ’s commission? Do we delight to “finish His work” among the nations?

Pray that the Holy Spirit will refresh and sustain us as we work towards seeing some from every nation follow the Lamb.

Karakalpak People in Russia and Uzbekistan

Karakalpak people are widely known to be warm and hospitable. If a stranger drops in, he is readily offered tea and snacks. Family members are called in from the fields to join the fun. If the visitor stays long enough, the host will offer to kill a chicken or a goat for a special meal, an extravagant gesture, since the Karakalpaks are extremely poor. Their diet is high in carbohydrates: bread, rice, pasta, potatoes and other root vegetables. As many as four generations live in the same household. They believe that the family that eats together will stay together.

Most Karakalpaks live in western Uzbekistan, near the Aral Sea, though some also live in southern Russia. Their traditional livelihood of fishing has died out, due to farming practices during the Soviet era. To irrigate nearby highly-valued cotton fields, the Soviets drained the Aral Sea down to about 40 percent of its original level. Over-use of pesticides polluted the earth, the groundwater, and eventually the Aral Sea, eliminating the fishing.

Virtually all of them practice the Muslim faith privately, because mosques are few and far between. One benefit of the Soviet era is a literacy rate over 99 percent, so they can read Christian literature if it is available.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for linguists to translate the New Testament into the Karakalpak language. Pray for Christian medical teams to minister to these people.-JWS

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