Daily Topic for March 17, 2009

Luke 7:24b
"What did you go out into the desert to see? A reed swayed by the wind?"

John the Baptist was discouraged and tired. He had put his life and his reputation on the line for Jesus, and now he was imprisoned by Herod. If Jesus was so powerful, then why was he in languishing in prison? Though Jesus will some day judge the Herods of the world, He first came as the Lamb of God to pay for our sins. That meant that judgment has not yet come. Sometimes we feel more like reeds swaying in the wind than like courageous prophets like John. But out of love for our Lord and for the nations, we must stand firm until the Day of Judgment.

Pray that you will stand firm, and not sway as you wait for the Lord’s return as the Lion of Judah.

Khvarshin People

Not only are the Khvarshin (aka, Khwarshi) people unfamiliar to most Westerners, their homeland of Dagestan is a mystery as well. This tiny ethnic group of 3000 people lives in the nondescript Dagestan region of southwestern Russia, near the former Soviet state of Georgia. They are farmers, ranchers, and craftsmen who reside in small villages scattered throughout the mountains. Unless one is specifically looking for the Khvarshin people, they will not be found.

But God is looking for them. It is His desire that the gospel reach all 3000 of the Khvarshins in every one of their remote villages. Because of their size and location, the Khvarshins have yet to be presented with the gospel. They do not have the Bible available in their heart language. Another reason they remain unreached is their practice of folk Islam. This potent mixture of shamanism and Muslim rituals has erected a barrier between them and the truth.

Someone once compared the lost to prisoners of war held captive behind enemy lines. Liberating them requires launching a rescue mission deep into enemy-held territory. The Khvarshins, like POWs, are waiting to be set free. The only question is: who will go to free them?

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Pray for God to raise up, equip and send out “troops” who will take the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Khvarshins. Ask Him to open prison doors, loose the prisoners from the chains of folk Islam, and lead them into the freedom and joy of His Kingdom.-CL

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