Daily Topic for March 16, 2009

Luke 6:46
"Why do you call me, 'Lord, Lord,' and do not do what I say?"

When we invite people to become part of the Kingdom of God, we usually mention Christ’s salvation and His lordship. They need faith that Jesus is the savior. But they also need the faith to obey Him. Lordship means just that; Jesus is the Lord, or “boss” so to speak, of His followers. We are calling the nations to a purposeful obedience that brings spiritual transformation to both the individual and the communities that they affect.

Pray that this very month, you will allow Christ to transform you. Pray that He will be Lord of your life, and the lives of people within your “people group.”

Lezgin People

Do you know your alphabet? If you ask an elderly Lezgin woman, she might ask you, “Which one?” Originally Lezghi was written in an Arabic script. Under communism, a Latin script was introduced, later to be replaced by a Russian Cyrillic script in an effort to Russify the people.

Traditionally they are an agrarian and pastoral people. They are well known for the textiles that their women weave. Some Lezgins work in food processing while others work seasonally making jewelry or weapons. Nonetheless, unemployment among them is as high as 60 percent! This is not likely to change even if they had their own independent Muslim state.

Very few Lezgins are followers of Christ. The vast majority are Sunni Muslims whose religion has a lot of pre-Islamic beliefs and practices. That is changing, however, as young people become secularized and Lezgin clans continue to decline in influence as people leave the mountains for Caspian Sea coast towns in Dagestan and Azerbaijan. As a consequence, they are being exposed to Shi’ite Islam in Azerbaijan; and a number are becoming bilingual in the language of Azerbaijan.

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Pray for distribution and use of the JESUS Film and for gospel radio in Lezghi. Pray for the Holy Spirit to work in their lives so that they yearn to know the One who is Alpha and Omega. Pray for local fellowships of believers. Pray for Christian development workers or businessmen to establish employment opportunities among the Lezgin people.-TP

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