Daily Topic for March 10, 2009

Mk. 13:10
"And the gospel must first be preached to all the nations."

Christians expect Christ, in response to His promise, to return to earth at any time. Yet our verse for today reminds us of the importance God places on obedience to first take the gospel to all people groups. There is a church community in practically every politically-defined country of the world. Praise God! Among these countries, however, are approximately 22,000 nations (people groups) of which about 10,000 still do not have a viable, indigenous, evangelizing Christ-centered movement! These are the world’s unreached peoples.

Pray for the Heavenly Father to lead us as we take the gospel to these still unreached nations.

Bashkir People

Is it possible for a previously reached people group to become unreached? In 1975, the four gospels were translated into Bashkir. In 1998, there were 12 Evangelical congregations. In 2001, there were only six Bashkir fellowships. While there are a handful of Orthodox or Protestant Christians among this lesser known Turkic people, most speak the Tatar or Russian language better than their own. With a lack of Christian literature, witness or involvement for the Bashkirs in their own heart language, this people group will remain culturally bound to Islam.

Although once a warlike tribe of nomadic cattle breeders, many Bashkir groups have lost all memory of their origins. The large influx of Russian and Tatar influence in the late 18th century damaged their economy as well as their national identity. No longer a fierce individualistic tribe, the Bashkirs now make their living as farmers or by breeding animals.

They are almost entirely Muslim, with Ufa, its capital city called the seat of the “Muslim Spiritual Board for European Russia and Siberia.” There are over 100 mosques found in Ufa alone.

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Pray that God the Father will call Russian believers willing to suppress their own ethnocentricity and live as Christ’s ambassadors to the Bashkir people. Pray for God to establish a unique Bashkir church and win people for Himself in their region. Pray that God the Holy Spirit empowers the few Bashkir believers to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.-MB

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