Daily Topic for March 07, 2009

Matt. 28:19, 20
"All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations."

Jesus’ words, spoken to His disciples following His resurrection, are the claims and commands of One who had proved His authority on earth-He had healed the sick, forgiven men’s sins, and conquered death itself. Who else could He be than Lord over all mankind? Since He is the Lord, is there any other reasonable response than to become His faithful disciples? And if we do respond in faith, we must then call others to become His disciples as well.

Pray that we will recognize and submit to His loving rule by honoring His Name and obeying His command to make disciples of each of the world’s unreached peoples.

Abkhaz People of Georgia and Russia

Vladislav rose early this morning. After chores he left for school by 7:00 o’clock. He lives in Abkhazia, the northwest corner of the Republic of Georgia. In the early 1990s his father fought along side other Abkhazis seeking independence from Georgia. The fields beside the highways still hide land mines. In addition, the region suffers from economic turmoil, loss of income from Russian vacationers, and war-torn infrastructure. School is an hour away-half by foot, half by bus. Bullet scars from the war pock the school walls. Additional damage came last summer when Russian troops entered in a border dispute.

Despite this bleak situation, Vladislav dreams of tomorrow, and he enjoys learning. His teacher tells him about countries with strange names like “Korea.” She talks about the Internet. Someday Vladislav wants to see a computer and maybe even try the Internet. World Vision is exploring projects to help Vladislav and his Abkhaz kinsmen.

Christianity came to the Abkhaz people in the first century after Christ, but later Muslim invasions gradually turned them to Islam. Still, a few have turned to Jesus.

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Pray that God will give courage to these new believers so that they will share the hope and joy of their faith with their Islamic neighbors. Pray that hundreds of Abkhaz Muslims will put their trust in Jesus. Ask God to reveal himself to the Abkhaz leaders including President Sergei Bagapsh.-EF

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