Daily Topic for March 05, 2009

Matt. 9:38
"Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field."

If you have been using the GPD for any length of time, you will notice that we are constantly praying some variation of this prayer for many of the unreached people groups. By using this daily prayer guide for the nations, you are praying for Him to send out workers. But still, the workers are few. Could it be that He is calling some to the harvest field, and people are either not listening, or unwilling to go?

Pray that those God calls will have receptive hearts to His Kingdom work.

Agul People

The Aguls occupy 21 villages in four valleys, each valley being the homeland of one of four distinct Agul subgroups. Because the terrain in Dagestan is very rugged, the Aguls have had limited contact with neighboring groups. One group, however, exchanges grains and manufactured goods for the Agul’s cheese, butter, wool and woolen products. Even though most Agul people still live as herdsmen, some are involved in the production of cloth, tapestries and felt outer wear. Men usually perform all tasks associated with shepherding including shearing, milking, and preparing dairy products. In the winter months the men go seeking work in the urban centers of the lowlands. This leaves the women to tend the cattle and remain near the villages.

The Aguls were converted to Islam after the Arab conquest of the eighth century. In recent months there has been no mission agency working among them. Since there is no Agul script, neither the Bible nor any other Christian materials have been translated into their language. Presently there is only a handful of Agul believers.

Pray that God will raise up linguists to develop a written script for the Aguls so that the Bible may be translated into their dialects.

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Pray that the doors of Russia will remain open for the preaching of the gospel, and that Agul hearts will be open to Jesus Christ.-MH

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