Daily Topic for March 02, 2009

Matt. 8:10
"'I tell you the truth, I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith.'"

Who had such great faith? A Roman (Gentile) centurion. How ironic was Jesus’ discovery! One outside the Jewish nation, and isolated from the revelation Israel had received, had greater faith than those inside Israel. What made the difference? Many of the Jews were taking for granted God’s Word to them. Though we today have access to the Bible in dozens of versions and a Christian message with the switch of a dial on radio or TV, these privileges are no assurance that Jesus is going to find faith among us. In fact, not only faith, but even the awareness of the purposes of God for the nations can disappear from our minds when we fail to obey what God commands.

Pray that the Father will teach us to obey!

Kazakhs in Georgia

(Continued from yesterday)

To help her witness to the Georgians, Nino made a cross out of vines, and used her own hair to tie the two pieces of the cross together. She used this as a visual aid to tell them about the Lord’s crucifixion that made a way for all peoples to be saved from sin. The Georgians could only wonder about her strange hope, so different from their own animistic beliefs.

One day Nino saw a woman carrying a sick boy from house to house. She learned from her neighbors that the woman was seeking advice on how to heal the boy. When the mother came to Nino, the slave woman explained that she had no medicine, but only the power of prayer to the God of Creation. People were amazed when Nino’s prayer healed the boy.

Could this Jesus God heal others as well? Word reached the Georgian queen who herself suffered from an untreatable disease. The queen asked Nino to come to her aid. The two women met, and once again the Lord responded to Nino’s prayer. Nino made it clear to the Georgian ruler that it was not her own power, but that of the Risen Christ that caused the healing. She added, “For it is He who distributes kingdoms to Kings and life to mortal men.” The queen received Christ as her only God, and encouraged the Georgian women to do the same. (Continued tomorrow)

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Pray for leaders of nations to acknowledge that they answer first and foremost to the King of Kings.

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