Daily Topic for March 01, 2009

Matt. 3:9
"And do not think you can say to yourselves, 'We have Abraham as our father.' I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham."

John the Baptist was not the kind of man who minced words. After calling the crowd a “brood of vipers” (3:7), he went on to harshly scold them for thinking that their Jewish heritage was the source of their relationship with God. Isn’t it easy to fall into the same trap today? We can proudly say to ourselves that our congregation or denomination has done such and such, forgetting that God will call each of us to give an account. No excuse will be accepted!

Pray for a renewed willingness to obey the Great Commission.

Jews in Georgia

The Roman Empire made a drastic spiritual change in the A.D. 330s. The Roman emperor, Diocletian, had previously made an all-out attempt to destroy the emerging Church. Believers in Christ were martyred as fast as the emperor’s troops could find them. But for every one killed, dozens of others secretly worshiped the Risen Christ from graveyards and secret caves.

When Diocletian died, Constantine became the new emperor. His mother was a Christian, and Constantine respected the ways of Christ. He hoped that the emerging Church could act as a unifying force to keep the Roman Empire together. Soon after assuming power, Constantine dictated the “Edict of Toleration” making Christianity a legal religion in Rome for the first time.

To the east of the Roman Empire, there was the Persian Empire, Rome’s rival. Between the two were small states like Armenia and Georgia, both of which needed to make concessions to their powerful neighbors in order to not be conquered.

Georgia had its share of slaves, and one of them was a young woman named Nino. How she became enslaved, we do not know. Nino seemed very strange to her Georgian captors. Her devotion and her constant prayers to this unknown Jesus, her faith and virtue made them stop and think. Who is this One that this woman loves so well? How can we experience her joy? (Continued tomorrow)

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Pray that the Lord will grant us the fruit of His Spirit so that we can also draw the lost to Him through our lives.

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