Daily Topic for February 28, 2009

Haggai 1:2
"This is what the Lord Almighty says: 'These people say, 'The time has not yet come for the Lord's house to be built.''"

A small company of Jews had returned to Judah from exile in Babylon. Initial efforts to rebuild the temple were frustrated by opposition from surrounding peoples. The people of God became too discouraged to do anything but just rebuild their homes. Haggai’s message was, “God will honor us only if we put His concerns first!” What about your church? Is it putting God’s kingdom first? What about its vision for the world? Does God want to use us the way He used Haggai to rebuild a mission vision long neglected?

Pray that the Lord will give us the courage, vision, and wisdom to be like Haggai, that we may call the Church to rebuild that vision which we have neglected for too long.

Bozo People of Mali

There is a quaint puppet of the Bozo people in the “Museum of International Folk Art.” This brightly painted puppet performs a dance and borrows elements from the famed headdress of their neighbor, the Bamara people. The Bozos are all Muslim, so the dance has no other religious significance, but it may well be in mockery of the Bamara’s Animistic beliefs. Ironically, beneath the Muslim surface there is a strong Animistic undercurrent in the religious beliefs of the Bozos.

The term Bozo means “straw-house,” a reference to dwellings in temporary fishing camps. Mali is the third biggest fish producing country in Africa. The Bozo people are really three distinct people groups, speaking four varieties of the so-called Bozo language.

These people have been Muslim for two or three generations and do not have a history of being Christian. The French colonized Mali and the Bozos think that Christians are like the French colonizers.

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Pray that God will raise up godly workers to work among the Bozos. Since they are a nomadic people, missionaries must be willing to travel with them. Even though there is very little education in the Bozo group, technology is leveling the field, with cell phones, videos, CD players, television, and radio available. Pray that God will use technology to reach them. Pray that the Bozos will soon understand that Jesus is the only One upon whom they can depend.-MH

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