Daily Topic for February 14, 2009

Dan. 2:47
"The king said to Daniel, 'Surely your God is the God of gods and the Lord of kings.'"

According to the customs in the Ancient Near East, each group of people lived in the service of their own god, whom they worshiped and served in exchange for his blessing. The defeat of Judah had supposedly marked their God as a lesser deity, unworthy of worship by the mightier king of Babylon. However, through the faithful testimony of Daniel and his friends, Nebuchadnezzar was confronted with the glory and power of Yahweh, God of Judah and God of the nations. In this case God used the interpretation of dreams to reveal Himself to the great king. Later He used other demonstrations of His great power to convince Nebuchadnezzar and others of His supremacy.

Pray that God will use the faithful service of His children to reveal His power and love to the mighty of our day.

Fulakunda (Peul) people of Guinea Bissau

“The missionaries have taught us that God sent Jesus to die for our sins. I want to accept the way of Jesus and live for Him, but I am afraid that my family will disown me. Will my husband or my brothers try to harm me? Family is everything to us; if you have no family you have nothing.” A Fulakunda woman in Guinea Bissau spoke these words to an American missionary. The woman was considering the high cost of following Christ.

Fulakundas are 99 percent Muslim. Their Islam is combined with a large measure of Animism. Illness and daily problems drive them to the marabout (witch doctor), who prepares various magic amulets they believe will cure the illness or fix the problem. Historically, the Fulakundas have been nomads, moving about to find food for their herds. They rarely ate cattle because they were thought to be an indication of a family’s wealth. In the villages, they traded sheep and goats for grain, clothes and other supplies before moving on.

Binton Kandeh, a Fulakunda woman, has performed songs and dances since she was a child. An expert in Fulakunda cultural traditions, she has been performing in public for over 15 years.

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Pray for the safety, boldness and discretion of the 50 known Fulakunda believers as they share the gospel with family and friends.-JWS

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