Daily Topic for February 12, 2009

Dan. 1:19
"The king talked with them, and he found none equal to Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah; so they entered the king's service."

Daniel and his friends did not serve in Babylon on “missionary visas,” but as trainees for civil service positions. They were among the first “tentmakers” working in positions of useful service among foreign nations, but also serving as representatives of the Most High God. Today, when many countries have closed their doors to career missionaries, God is using other job titles to place His chosen vessels. People with skills in the oil industry, for example, are among the few who can live in Saudi Arabia. Those with medical skills can live just about anywhere. The possibilities are endless!

Pray that our Heavenly Father will bless the 21st century tentmakers who serve Him in nations around the world.

Baga Fore People of Guinea

With carved wooden statues, exotic sculptures, elaborate anthropomorphic masks, drums incorporating human and animal figures, the Baga Fore people have long displayed an amazing talent as craftsmen and artists. However, the motivation for these creative pursuits has largely been fear of the spirit world. While the Bagas believe in one god (Kanu), they are convinced that the only way to communicate with him is from behind ceremonial masks. Each family has a shrine that incorporates a mask called an elek, a bird head with human features. This serves the purpose of purification, and is also used to ward off witches.

When a boy reaches manhood, a mythical python supposedly emerges from the sacred forest to protect him from forces of sorcery and death. A huge headpiece symbolizes the snake. By donning this serpent mask, the boy enters into the secret association of men.

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Pray for God to expose the counterfeit rituals that the enemy has employed to keep the Baga Fore people blinded to God’s truth. Ask Him to reveal Himself as the true and living God, the only source of protection from evil and the all-powerful One capable of defeating witches and any other possible foe. Pray that the gospel will be proclaimed among the Bagas and that they will be set free from the tyranny of fear.-CL

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