Daily Topic for February 06, 2009

Is. 32: 17
"The fruit of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever."

Trust in the Lord develops righteousness, which means quietness and confidence in the Lord. Those who have always put their faith in gods that are not real, and in fallen spirits that deceive and harm them live in fear and unrighteousness. But the One True God, the One who created the heavens, offers righteousness, peace and confidence. Which would you prefer? Which do you think the unreached nations would prefer if given a choice?

Pray that this year, many from unreached nations will put their trust in the One who takes away our fears and gives us quietness and confidence.

Loma People of Cote D’Ivoire

Suppose we said, “Let’s throw out all the cactus and only keep the soft, gentle flowers of God’s garden.” We think of sharp, prickly things as dangerous. Such are the Loma people. Their neighbors view them as aggressive and treacherous. Even their name means “he who is proud of his power.” But we know that God has a different plan for these difficult people.

The 9400 Loma people of northeastern Cote D’Ivoire worship idols; one for the protection of the village, one for health, one for wealth, a different demon for every need. They serve an army of lifeless images that promise power but only deliver oppression. Painted completely white over their entire bodies, they dance and perform rituals to appease their idols. Dressed in costumes that cover every inch of skin, faces covered with masks, they dedicate their best artistic talents to spirits.

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Pray for liberation from dark powers and principalities that keep them broken, demoralized, deceived, and hostile. Pray for the word of God to penetrate their hearts with the message of love and salvation. Pray that someone will care for this prickly people enough to minister Jesus to them and bring them the medical care that they greatly need. Pray that the Holy Spirit will lift the veil from their eyes so that they may see the truth of the cross.-PE

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