Daily Topic for February 05, 2009

Is. 25: 7b-8
"On this mountain He will destroy the shroud that enfolds all peoples, the sheet that covers all nations; He will swallow up death forever."

The end of shrouds, funerals and the stench of death; that is what Isaiah is proclaiming. And this is a promise to the faithful in ALL nations. How can anyone say no to such a promise? Though the majority of humanity will say no, there will be a remnant from all nations that will say yes to the Lord, and yes to life. That is why we pray for them.

Pray that the Lord will bring unimaginable life to the nations that we intercede for this month.

-Dagbamba People

“This is Adofo, the tailor I recommend,” my guide said in the crowded marketplace. “He is from the Dagbamba tribe-the best tailors in Africa!” By Adofo’s side stood a boy of 12 years. Never introduced, he studied his master’s every move and helped when allowed. Expertly Adofo sifted through options of clothing, measured appropriate places and confirmed a price. “Return this afternoon and your outfit will be ready,” he assured.

Throughout the marketplace there was always the sound of drums. “Why the constant drums?” I asked my guide. “They are also Dagbambas,” he explained. “They are not only musicians but also historians. When they see someone important, they play a drum cadence that tells the story of that person or his ancestor. This builds the reputation of the person they are honoring. In return the drummer hopes to get a tip from the honoree.”

“I don’t see any Christian symbols in the market,” I said. “No,” he returned, “Almost half of the Dagbambas are nominal Muslims. But they mix Islam with worshiping various spirits and gods. Each village sacrifices to its own ancestral god. Perhaps only three percent call themselves Christian. And less than one percent would have a personal relationship with Christ.”

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Pray that believers from neighboring groups would cross the cultural bridge to tell the Dagbamba people about Christ. Pray that the eyes of their hearts would be opened to the truth.-EF

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